Local Time Module

Local time module in modern event calendar can be set so that every user with any kind of time zone can see the details of ongoing programs in sync with their own time.

You can display the event time in the local time of your users.

This feature helps end-users view your event’s time in their local time.

Local Time Module in WordPress Event Calendar


Local Time Module in Modern Event Calendar

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Avatar for Doris Cooper
dreho March 22, 2020
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When I first started using this plug-in, the time of my events was in my time zone, but now they are not. I think it is due to daylight savings time. I figured this out because I use the countdown clock on my website, and it is off by 1 hour. Now, I have to put my event times in a different time zone for the countdown to work correctly. Can this be fixed?

Avatar for Doris Cooper
gppuddinpie January 30, 2020
| |

Would really be nice if it showed the user's local time on the calendar page and not just the event page. This is basically worthless.