Location In Modern Event calendar

Location section is very simple and easy to use. Here we will explain how to add a location and use it multiple times for different events. This section also includes an important field (Address) for those who want to set up Google Maps API into their event. Of course, if you want to setup an event quickly, you have several options for configuring the location section of each event.

  1. Enter location name,
  2. Enter slug for location,
  3. Google key, which should be configured in settings, will be using this address to show the map on the front end.

Note: to auto suggest address, you should make shure set correct Google Map API: https://webnus.net/dox/modern-events-calendar/google-maps-options/

After adding the location in “location menu” you can assign it to your desired event post, also you can insert a new location in event post type manually. Just click on a drop-down and select insert New Location, like the following example:

Add Location in WordPress modern Event Calendar

Front-end view for an inserted location looks like this:

Location in MEC plugin

Address field will be an exported map.

MAP and location in WordPress modern event Calendar

Note 1: To auto-suggest address, You should get the “Google Map API” through the description of this article. Also If you need to use “OpenStreetMap”, please note this feature is not available on MEC PRO But you can do this by using “Advanced Map” and change the map.

Note 2: You can use the optional Latitude and Longitude fields to record the geographic location of your event. You can also use this free online service to get these coordinates: https://www.latlong.net/

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iJKos January 10, 2020
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Hi!Is there any optionos to have a location page?

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Kathryn Kaiser September 23, 2019
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I am wondering why my map is not showing up in my event?