With our MailChimp integration, you can add your existing submission data to your newsletter list. To enable this feature, you should get an API Key and List ID from your MailChimp account. Following this you can send emails with modern event calendar.

mailchimp integration with MEC plugin

To get a new API Key for MailChimp, please go to account link on navigation (avatar dropdown menu), and then go to Extras > API Key > Create A Key.

To get a List ID (Audience ID) please read this link:


Please Note: Regarding the integration of MEC and MailChimp, you need to know that only the users who have done a reservation can be transferred to MailChimp campaigns.

In Summery:
API Key : Mailchimp account > Extras > API Key > Copy APIKey
List ID : Mailchimp List > Setting > Copy Unique id for list

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Jaren August 12, 2019
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Hi guys, is there a way to add the "Tags" field on mailchimp integration?

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Leticia Martignon May 17, 2019
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Hi guys! Is there any way to set up a newsletter from the events on my Modern Event Calendar? I want to send a weekly newsletter and have set up the MailChimp account (already integbrated with MEC).   Thanks! Lé