Modern event calendar WooCommerce Addon

Modern event calendar WooCommerce Addon is an easy tool for finalizing the purchase stage. And it is a great solution to manage WooCommerce payments. It enables the end-user to add different tickets for various events to their WooCommerce cart, thus they can pay for these tickets along with the other products added to their cart in the check-out stage on your website.

You can use WooCommerce cart to purchase tickets, it means that each ticket is defined as a product. In other words, you can purchase tickets and WooCommerce products at the same time.

In order to run this plugin, follow the standard procedure for installing add-ons on MEC. Then enable it from settings menu of MEC.

Modern Events Calendar (MEC) does not have this option itself, so this add-on is created to add this feature to MEC plugin. Therefore, make sure that you installed MEC Pro first.
In order to access the other add-ons, please head over to Dashboard > M.E Calendar > Add-ons


Note:This addon is working with Modern Event Calendar v4.2.3 to upper

Modern event calendar WooCommerce Addon installation:

  1. Install and set-up WooCommerce:
  2. Install and activate MEC plugin (or if you already have it installed, then update it to its latest
  3. Install MEC WooCommerce add-on:
  4. To integrate MEC with WooCommerce add-on, please head over to MEC Settings > Payment Gateways and enable “Add to WooCommerce Cart.”
    Then, simply save your changes.
Modern event calendar WooCommerce Addon

Now, go to your desired events and create your tickets.

Modern event calendar WooCommerce Addon

Now, after the booking stage is passed by the end-users in front-end of your website, they can use the “Add to Cart” option to add the tickets to WooCommerce cart.

Modern event calendar WooCommerce Addon

This way, the end-user can book several tickets and add them to the cart.

WooCommerce Add-On - WordPress Event Calendar
  • With the help of “Sync WooCommerce Order Status with MEC Booking Status” you can make sure that the status of an order in WooCommerce is synced with the status of a booking in MEC.
  • If you enable “Adding tax to tickets added to cart” you add MEC’s taxes/fees to WooCommrece’s cart. If it is disabled, then the taxes and fees will be according to the settings left on Woo.
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Stanley Gauss January 16, 2020
| |

In the last week people haven't been able to book an event and add it to their cart. It redirects the customer to the homepage instead of the cart and the event isn't added to the cart.  I have woocommerce enabled as described above.

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discovertribe December 21, 2019
| |

Is the Woocommerce basket and checkout with this addon as it would usually be? So no changes to options? E.g. if I used this addon and also has PW Gift Cards installed, would the gift cards plugin work harmoniously with the MEC WC plugin? Ta