Fluent-view Layouts Addon

This addon is completely free to use for our customers (temporary). You just need to install it and everything is ready to go! No complications, no nothing! Using this addon you can revolutionize the appearance of your events and shortcodes. Make sure to enjoy the awesome experience with the new UI and UX of it. Also, it has more than 20 different skins compatible with your devices. These skins are designed based on the most recent design trends using which you can magically turn the view of your calendar upside down and inside out and everything!

In order to install the modern event calendar Fluent-view Layouts addon, first you need to make sure that both MEC and Elementor Page Builder are installed and activated. Then, head over to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New and upload, install, and activate the addon.

After installation, you can choose the type of your shortcode, in the process of making them, as fluent. Some skins have more than one type, like available spot and cover view. In order to make a shortcode, you can use the instruction we have provided here: How to create a new shortcode

To be able to display the filter’s geolocation options on your map, you need to go back to your event location in the location menu and define this data for each event. Then, if you navigate to the list of your event locations from MEC menu on WordPress, you’ll find that the above values have been accordingly added to the locations.

Also, you can go to MEC Settings > Single Event and select the fluent type and save the applied setting. All you need now is an event to see because you have successfully applied the skin to the single event. If you don’t know how to create an event, we have shown you in this landing page using a GIF: How to add a new event

As simple as that! 

Now you can see our gallery for Fluent Addon, please share your comments and thoughts… 

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