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Search bar allows the user to look for different events. For example, this can be placed on the event website homepage, and this way, the feature is added to your Homepage so that users can search for a variety of events there. Having a search bar also adds to your site SEO credibility so it is an essential compartment.

You can find and set it up from MEC Settings > Search Bar. To use it in any particular page, you only need to place its shortcode “[MEC_search_bar]” in that particular page, and then it will be displayed on that page.

You can also add search by category,  location, organizer, speaker, tag label,  and text field to the form.

Search Bar in WordPress MEC plugin
Search Bar in MEC plugin
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kfowlkes March 24, 2020
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I am using the search bar and the only field I have selected is 'Location'.   When I go to my drop down it shows all of my location options as well as another option titled 'Location'.  When I select the 'Location' option from the drop down menu it shows ALL locations on my calendar which is great.   I'm wondering if I can change the label in the drop down menu to 'ALL Locations' that way it's CRYSTAL CLEAR to a user that by selecting that option it would show ALL locations on the calendar.   Thanks!

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Maria January 26, 2020
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Hi, can I disable It?