Shortcode Builder Addon

Shortcode Builder Add-on works with MEC version 4.2.3 and higher.

It enables you to create shortcodes in Elementor Live Editor. Adding this widget to your pages allows previewing the events and placing the shortcodes in pages like a cake walk.

This is a solution to speed up creating shortcodes in front-end.
Using this add-on, you can simply create your Shortcodes in front-end and use them instantly.
You can learn how to set it up in the following article: It will certainly improve your speed in creating shortcodes.

Using MEC Shortcode Builder has two prerequisites: first, Elementor Page Builder, and second, you should have the latest version of Modern Event Calendar installed.

It is also very easy to use. After activating the plugin you’ll need to simply create a new page and enter the Elementor Page Builder. Therefore, just click on “Edit with Elementor” so that the Page Builder is ready to use.

Shortcode Builder Add-On - WordPress Event Calendar

Then add the MEC Shortcode to the related section.

Now, you can visually add the Shortcode to the desired section.

Shortcode Builder Add-On - WordPress Event Calendar

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