Slug Options

Slug options in the modern event calendar gives you the possibility of optimizing any URL addresses. This is a helpful feature since you can have a unique and sharable address for each event. Moreover, rank better in Google.   

Setup slug for the categories and main events:

  1. Main Slug: Post slug is the user-friendly and URL-valid name of a post. Slugs are mainly used to create permalinks for posts. find out more
  2. Change category slug.
Slug and permalink in modern event calendar

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Jason January 9, 2020
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How can I get MEC to follow its own Permalink Structure and ignore the Permalink settings of the site? In my settings, I have it set to Custom Structure like so for Blog Articles:/press/%post-name%/ But when you click on a Single Event, the permalink looks like this: /press/events/name-of-the-event/ Whereas it should just be:/events/name-of-the-event/