This option enables you to add “Speakers Specifications” for the event, and provide their contact information for the audience. In order to use this feature go to M.E.Calendar > Speaker and create a new speaker. Then go to the Widget’s page Single Event and set the feature based on the Sidebar’s settings, so that it is seen in the Single Event’s Sidebar. Please keep in mind that you need to search, choose, and save the speaker’s name in the Single Event Backend Page before doing the aforementioned procedure.

Speaker - WordPress Event Calendar

In order to add a new speaker, navigate to MEC Settings > Modules and then under the first submenu you can enable the speaker option. Refresh the page, and now it can be seen in the following path:
WP Dashboard > MEC Settings > Speaker submenu.
Follow the path and from there you can create a new Speaker. Every Speaker has the following features shown in the images:

Speaker - WordPress Event Calendar

Note: You will also see this option in the hourly schedule menu, so you can add more precise and applicable time frames to the single event.

Speaker - WordPress Event Calendar

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Courtney August 22, 2019
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I don't know if this is the place to ask this. I recently switched from Tribe Events and I love this plugin so much more. There is only one issue that I have. Now the 'Speaker' function works just fine and does what I want it to do, the only issue is that I don't want it called Speaker. Is there any way to change the label to something like 'Performers'?