Styling Option

You can change the layout of certain sections of MEC, using Styling Options and design shortcodes. In addition to being able to change the base color, you can also change the color of the title, title hover, and description in the shortcode settings.

It is also possible to set a specific font for headings, paragraphs, or allow the fonts to read from your theme. If you like you can disable Google Fonts.

Lastly, the container size can also be changed in MEC.

Styling Option in MEC plugin

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Liam August 22, 2019
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Hello, How do you get the container width option to appear? Thank you

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Sham2401 August 15, 2019
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Hello! Tell me, is it possible to display images of posters in the styles of reflection  "vpcoming events (list)" и "vpcoming events (grid)"?