17+ Modern Events Calendar Addons Review 2020

In this article we are going to review Modern Events Calendar Addons in details. Creating an event management system for your WordPress website has never been easier than the experience you can have by using the Modern Events Calendar, best WordPress event calendar plugin.

This tool is the best WordPress event management plugin equipped with advanced features and functionalities. It lets you create and manage your free and paid events online in a stylish and new appearance that is compatible with popular WordPress SEO tools.

You can easily sync your data from your Facebook, Gmail, Outlook, and other tools with the best WordPress event calendar for more efficient management. In simple words, it is the best solution to manage events on WordPress.

The Best Event Management Software in 2020 1

The well-designed and fully-responsive MEC software is the best WordPress event management plugin that sets up in just a few clicks and lets you save time by the brilliant features it offers.

Modern Events Calendar comes in two versions; Lite and Pro. In the next paragraphs, we will shed light on the functionalities of this feature-rich WordPress calendar plugin in both versions.

Freemium Plugin With Premium Features!

Modern Events Calendar Addons - Features

The Modern Events Calendar is the best solution to manage events on WordPress that offers a world of practical features letting you create and share your plans in an attractive and easy-to-use format.

Many of the attributes provided for free in the best WordPress event calendar can be found in paid versions of other plugins such as EventOn and The Events Calendar Pro.

To form a general idea about what you can get by downloading and using the MEC feature-rich WordPress calendar, the Webnus team has produced a chart showing the differences of the best WordPress event management plugin compared to other tools in detail. You can see how this plugin compares to the competition from the picture below.

FeaturesModern Events CalendarThe Events Calendar ProEventOnTimelyEvent Espresso
Single day events
Multiple day events
All day events
Full Calendar viewAdd-on + $40.00
Monthly calendar viewAdd-on + $39.95
Daily viewAdd-on + $40.00
Weekly viewAdd-on + $40.00
Countdown viewAdd-on + $25.00
Grid & cover viewAdd-on + $40.00Add-on + $98/yrAdd-on + $39.95
Slider & carousel viewAdd-on + $40.00
List ViewAdd-on + $40.00Add-on + $98/yr
Event locations system
Event Venue & organizer system
Multiple organizers
Front-end Event SubmissionAdd-on + $70.00Add-on + $450/yr
Never end events
Event widgets & sidebar
Custom sidebar
QRcode moduleAdd-on + $89.00Add-on + $15.00Add-on + $120/yrAdd-on + $99.95
Recurring/Repeating events
Shortcodes generator
Direct/Modal link for single event
Show/Hide option for search barAdd-on + $89.00
Filtering optionsAdd-on + $89.00
Coupon SystemAdd-on + $99.95
InvoiceAdd-on + $89.00Add-on + $69.95
MailChimp IntegrationAdd-on + $49.95
Stripe PaymentAdd-on + $79.95
PayPal Express PaymentAdd-on + $79.95
Google calendar integrationAdd-on + $89.00Add-on + $35.00
Reporting dashboardAdd-on + $45.00
Local time
Manage NotificationsAdd-on + $69.95
RSS feedAdd-on + $15.00
Schedule for single eventAdd-on + $40.00
Download .ics file
Social share iconsAdd-on + $29.95
Custom Color
Search Bar Shortcode
Schema Ready
Reminders notificationAdd-on + $35.00Add-on + $69.95
Organizer PaymentAdd-on + $149.00
Customizable Notifications EmailsAdd-on + $69.95
Complete Repeating
Ticket price per date
Customizable Timetable
Import .ics fileAdd-on + $89.00Add-on + $35.00Add-on + $69.95
Auto Update
Map view + DirectionsAdd-on + $40.00Add-on + $997.00
Agenda view
Masonry view
Timetable viewAdd-on + $39.95
Available spot
Ticketing systemAdd-on + $89.00Add-on + $90.00Add-on + $120/yrAdd-on + $69.95
Booking systemAdd-on + $89.00Add-on + $60.00Add-on + $120/yrAdd-on + $69.95
Booking form builderAdd-on + $89.00
Weather module
Premium Support
Total Price$75$89/yr + $505$24 + $745$1215/yr$79.95 + $839.35

As you can see above, the free version can bring you a pretty long list of features you need for your event management, which makes it a great option and also the best WordPress event management plugin if you are on a budget.

You can create various types of events such as single-day, all-day, and even the events that hold more than a day. As mentioned before, fully-integration features of the best WordPress event calendar let you synchronize your data with other famous tools and platforms as well. You can customize your events by adding images, hourly schedules, defining tags, and many other free features.

More Professional Features in Pro Version!

Modern Events Calendar Premium (PRO) Purchase

In case you need more tools and features, you can upgrade your feature-rich WordPress calendar to the Pro version at a reasonable price.

For example, a license with permanent auto-updates and a year of premium support costs you only $75.

A guarantee of a 30-day money-back ensures you about the quality of the best WordPress event management plugin to use it without any risks.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You’ll be amazed by the high quality of our products, but in case if you gave it an honest try and didn’t like it, you should know that “Customers Satisfaction” is one of our most important goals.

Purchasing the Pro version of the best WordPress event calendar unlocks a lot of more features for you.

5-Star Support Team

5-Star Support Team

We gathered a professional, motivated and caring support team here on Webnus so we can listen carefully to our customers’ needs and help them as soon as we can.

We have mentioned some of these excellent capabilities in the next paragraphs. Each of these items can be considered as a separate add-on, but they are provided in the Pro version for free.

Ultimate Booking Features (Free in MEC Pro)

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Sometimes you may need to provide your audience with a booking capability to have more accurate information about the attendees and also let them pay the event’s fee in advance.

This way, you can save time, earn more money, and let the participants have a ticket from the feature-rich WordPress calendar for attending the event instead of paying the money locally.

You can get multiple secure gateways in the best WordPress event management plugin for your payments like PayPal, Stripe, and even the Credit Card. You can likewise choose your favorite ticket and coupon type among the different designs provided, define extra custom fields and notifications, choose various currencies, and make alterations to some other customizable options.

MEC is the best solution to manage events on WordPress that offers you complete booking automation on your website, which is useful enough to let you manage everything competently.

Events Slider (Free in MEC Pro)

Modern Events Calendar Addons - Event Slider View

You can view all of your events as a slider in five different views. Either you wish to see details of each item, or just the picture and the title, you can easily set your preferences in the best WordPress event management plugin by one of these options.

Events Map (Free in MEC Pro)

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Maps are one of the essential technologies in modern life that are used by a large number of individuals. The developer team at Webnus has provided a map view skin in the best WordPress event management plugin that lets your audience get informed about the location by catching a glimpse.

They can choose whichever event that is located near them, or plan to go to the one that attracts them the most. You can also activate the geolocation option on your feature-rich WordPress calendar to let the website visitors access the location on their browser.

Full Calendar (Free in MEC Pro)

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The MEC owns a stylish and useful design, and the Pro version lets you see all your events in different styles and views. Whether you only have a single event or multiple ones, the full calendar view lets you see your plans in the best WordPress event calendar most efficiently.

The provided search box allows you to find your information quickly without the need to search for it through all your entries. You can select the specific month that you want, and sort your data in yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, and list views.

Choosing any of these types in the best WordPress event management plugin shows you an overview of your events in a modern style. For instance, in the list view, you can see all the items and share them with others directly from this window.

Weekly View (Free in MEC Pro)

Modern Events Calendar Addons - Weekly View

The weekly view feature in the best WordPress event management plugin lets you see and manage the events you have in each week of the month in a straightforward approach.

The feature-rich WordPress calendar shows you the specific day and its date along with the title, location, and the picture so that you get a general idea about your week’s logs in a glance.

Advanced Map

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Despite the widespread usage of google maps, the Webnus team has gone one step further and added the OpenStreetMap to the best WordPress event management plugin as well. This feature lets you enjoy new features like region, street, etc. Your events and filters will appear next to the map in a fresh look.

Advanced Map Addon

Advanced Map Addon

Now you can use OpenStreetMap instead of Google Maps and enjoy new features such as Street, Region, etc. for detailed and precise filtering. Display filters and events next to the map in a new view

WooCommerce Integration

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WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform for WordPress that provides you with absolute control over your shop and products. By activating the WooCommerce add-on, you can sell all your tickets via this platform.

In other words, each of your tickets in the best WordPress event management plugin will be added to the user’s cart as a separate item and can be paid along with other products they buy from your website. It helps your website visitors avoid making multiple purchases, and therefore, they don’t need to enter their account information for each ticket.

Check the following video to learn how you can sell event tickets via this practical add-on on your feature-rich WordPress calendar.

Woocommerce Integration Addon

Woocommerce Integration Addon

You can use the WooCommerce cart to purchase tickets, that means each ticket is defined as a product. You can purchase tickets and Woo products at the same time.

Elementor Shortcode Builder

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Elementor is one of the most downloaded WordPress page builder plugins with drag-and-drop functionality that lets users create whatever layout they wish for their pages. This add-on allows you to create unlimited shortcodes in Elementor and customize them in the way that you like.

These shortcodes can appear anywhere on your website, and you can personalize the style and hide any element you don’t want to see in the best WordPress event management plugin.

Watch the above video to learn more about the shortcode builder add-on of the MEC.

Elementor Shortcode Builder Addon

Elementor Shortcode Builder Addon

It enables you to create shortcodes in Elementor Live Editor. Adding this widget to your pages allows previewing the events and placing the shortcodes in pages with ease.

Elementor Single Builder

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The Elementor single builder add-on brings you a world of functionalities for designing tailor-made templates for your events’ appearance. You can benefit from so many options to create stylish and customizable event pages in Elementor using the best WordPress event calendar.

The above video forms a better idea about this feature in your mind.

Elementor Single Builder Addon

Elementor Single Builder Addon

It provides you with the ability to edit single event page using Elementor. Manage the position of all elements in the Single page and in desktops, mobiles and tablets as well.

Elementor Form Builder

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The Elementor form builder add-on of the best WordPress event calendar provides you with more than enough tools to create creative ticket forms for your events. You can customize your tickets based on the purpose of your event and leave your participants with a more favorable impression.

The short video above lets you know more information about this add-on.

Elementor Form Builder Addon

Elementor Form Builder Addon

Use this Add-on to build your form in Elementor Editor. It allows you to use many different type of fields and rearrange them by drag and drop and modify their styles.

Elementor Shortcode Designer

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By installing the Elementor shortcode designer, you will be able to create shortcodes with the layout you desire in the best WordPress event management plugin. Using Elementor, the widgets can be rearranged and placed on the page for the best view. Other details, such as the number of events and map displays, can also be edited from this tool.

Watch the above video to learn how to use this add-on.

Elementor Shortcode Designer Addon

Elementor Shortcode Designer Addon

Use this Add-on to build your form in Elementor Editor. It allows you to use many different type of fields and rearrange them by drag and drop and modify their styles.

User Dashboard

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You can create specific pages for each of your users by purchasing the user dashboard add-on of the best WordPress event calendar.

Your user pages can be customized with different details like the events they have booked, the status of their tickets, and so on. Users will be able to sign in on the frontend if they want to purchase tickets.

Check out the video above for better information about this tool.

User Dashboard Addon

User Dashboard Addon

Create exclusive pages for users. These pages can contain ticket purchase information, information about registered events. Users can now log in to purchase tickets.

Event API

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Sometimes a website owner needs to copy his events form a website to another, and unless you have a proper tool, you have to create them all from the beginning.

The Event API add-on of the feature-rich WordPress calendar lets you do it in the easiest way possible. It enables you to view the information on your WordPress website on other platforms, too. Moving the events between applications is what the best WordPress event management plugin brings you without having to learn the knowledge of coding.

The video above helps you get more information about this add-on.

Event API Addon

Event API Addon

It allows you to display your website events on other websites without installing MEC. You can even use JSON output features to make your Apps compatible with MEC.

Multisite Event Sync

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Thanks to the Multisite Event Sync Add-on, you can sync the events of the best WordPress event calendar on your sub-site with the leading website with just one click. After choosing the desired sub-sites from your admin panel, edits and changes of your website will be applied to them as well.

Check the video tutorial above for more details of this add-on in the best WordPress event management plugin.

Multisite Event Sync Addon

Multisite Event Sync Addon

Sync events between your subsites and main websites. Changes in the main one will be inherited by the subsites. you can set these up in the admin panel.

Ticket and Invoice

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Using Ticket and Invoice add-on, you won’t need to use any third-party websites for your invoices. You can easily sell your events on the site and manage your participants’ check-ins. You are also provided with options to edit your invoices, use customized templates, and share them using QR codes in the best WordPress event calendar.

The ticket and invoices can be sent to your attendees in a friendly email format to inform them about all the details you like them to know.

The above video gives you more information about the capabilities of this add-on.

Ticket and Invoice Addon

Ticket and Invoice Addon

You can easily sell your events on your website using the Ticket & Invoice add-on. This add-on allows you to manage your attendees' check-in using the QR code scanner, send out tickets and invoices in email format.

Fluent View Layouts

MEC Fluent View | Best Event Management Software

The Modern Events Calendar, as the name implies, is designed in a stylish and modern way that lets you enjoy the appearance of your calendar immensely.

The team of UX/UI at Webnus always keeps an eye on the latest trends to provide their users with the most stylish designs in the best WordPress event calendar.

This add-on is published for free just for a limited time, therefore, both Lite and Pro version users of the best event calendar software in 2020 can enjoy new skins inspired by the latest global trends.

As soon as you install this add-on, you see a magical eye-catching view on your calendar, which is like no other.

Apart from the items mentioned above, the developer team is working on even more new features to be added to their plugin, which are not announced yet.

You can always check the addons page to get updated about the new items.

Fluent View Layouts Addon

Fluent View Layouts Addon

These skins are created based on the latest design methods to make your website so much more appealing and your visitors will surly admire it.

Advanced Reports

The advanced reports add-on in the best WordPress event management plugin lets you use practical statistics from an advanced page of reports in your backend.

New features have been added to these tools that let you have more accessible and accurate information.

You can filter the attendee tables and graphs based on their date and view a list of participants for each event sorted by the date.

Advanced Reports Addon

Advanced Reports Addon

Enjoy an advanced reports page in the backend, with more features. The attendee table and graphs can be filtered based on date. You can also view a list of attendees for each event based on date.

Suitable Buying Plans

MEC Purchase

Budget management is an essential part of every project that plays a vital role in the overall success. The team of developers has prepared various plans in the feature-rich WordPress calendar for purchasing the license and other features of this plugin, and you can choose the plan that suits you the best.

You can see a variety of options on the purchasing plans page and select it as the best solution to manage events on WordPress.

The features mentioned above turns the MEC into the best WordPress event management plugin for most of your expectations from such a tool. However, if you have more specific needs for your event management system, the following elaborate addons satisfy you more than any other competitor. Each of these features can be purchased individually at a cost-effective price.


The Modern Events Calendar is a feature-rich WordPress calendar and useful plugin that is the best solution to manage events on WordPress effectively, even though you use the free version. 

The focus on customizability has brought users of the best WordPress event management plugin a ton of options to edit their events in a way that suits them.

Purchasing the Pro version unlocks more specific features planned for all purposes, and the various addons deliver whatever you need as a website owner for your free and paid events.

The team has put in an excellent performance thus far, and they have plans for making even better improvements in 2020. So stay tuned with the upcoming new features of MEC as well!


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